Year No Content
2014-2015 1 Design of Sound or Light Activated Handle-Free Door Opening Mechanism of Fully Integrated Dishwasher (Sponsored By Arçelik)
  2 Innovative Battery-Powered Car Jack Design
  3 Impact Test Set Design
2015-2016 1 Fatigue Life Test System Design for Excavator (Sponsored by Hidromek)
  2 Muzzle brake design for Panther towed howitzer (Sponsored by MKEK)
  3 Soft recoil mechanism design for 105 mm howitzer (Sponsored by MKEK)
  4 Design for improvement of machine gun cook-off value (Sponsored by MKEK)
  5 Parametric design of a rocket motor (Sponsored by MKEK)
  6 Innovative braking system design to shorten tractor braking distance (Sponsored by TürkTraktör)
  7 Innovative system design to reduce tractor turning radius (Sponsored by TürkTraktör)
Non-Marking Tubular Hoisting Tool/Equipment Development (Sponsored by Texas Institute of Science, Dallas-USA,
Türk Petrolleri Anonim Ortaklığı, TPAO)
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